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Chicken Qorma

admin November 9th, 2009

This time I wanted to try out something very traditional. It came to me what could be possibly more traditional than chicken qorma ( or Korma). The dish had its roots in Mughlai cuisine. The characteristic braising in yogurt gives this dish its uniquely delectable flavor. It is very popular dish in moern day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.




1 kg Chicken

¾ cup Onions

¾ cup yogurt

½ tsp Shahi Cumin (caraway)

¼ cup ginger

¼ cup garlic

1 cup Oil

1 tsp white cumin

1 tsp Coriander powder

6 chopped green chilies

6 cloves

1 Cinnamon

3 Green Cardamoms

1 tbsp Kevra (Extract from a flower, with a heady fruity, rose-like fragrance)

1 pinch Saffron


Spicy Chicken Korma

Spicy Chicken Korma



Roughly chop onions and fry. Take out from oil when brown. lay them on a paper towel. After it has cooled grind with yoghurt, green chilies, ginger and garlic. In same oil add white cumin then chicken. Add salt, Cloves Cinnamon, cover and let cook for 5 minutes with the lid on. Add the Onion paste and coriander powder when from the chicken water dries. Cook till you can see the oil and the masala clearly seperate from each other. This will take about 3 minutes on medium low flame.

Blend cardamom, kevra and saffron in blender. Add and cover lid and simmer for 2 mins. Garnish with coriander.